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Work clothing and accessories that are lasting, robust, safe and in compliance with norms allowing you to focus on your tasks.

For many year, the 10/4JOB brand prevails over the others thanks to its diversified line of products needed in the mining, oil and forest industry as well as by workers looking for the best. Always on the lookout for the highest market values, 10-4 JOB offers a vast selection of work gloves, accessories, shirts, rainwear and insulated garments, as well as high visibility garments corresponding to the highest standards of the industry.


  • Durability without compromise

    We are aware that the 10/4JOB are used in difficult conditions. That is the reason why we always use robust materials able to resist to extreme manipulations.

  • Materials used

    The various types of materials are meticulously chosen by our experts. Our Oxford nylons offered in different deniers, our leather selection, as well as the quality of our reflective bands, are only a few reasons why conscientious workers select 10/4 JOB.

  • Compliance and security for all

    Our entire line of work clothes and accessories are made in compliance with strict industry standards (CSA Z96-02, CE, WCB, CAN). We take special care in properly labelling all our products accordingly, so the buyer is well informed. 


  • 84-650-12 10/4-JOB

    Felt liner-12" felt boot liner

    Double layer felt for boots, 12" high, covered with a layer of Spacetex and with a heel protector.

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  • 87-WA-98 10/4-JOB

    Sleeveless vest-Poly. knit 140gr-Reflect.stripe

    High visibility safety vest, in breathable polyester, with 4" reflective stripes. Its Velcro at the front, shoulders and sides are adjustable to give the perfect fit. It has a cellphone pocket, a plastified ID pocket, a chest radio strap, and front pockets with flaps and Velcro.

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  • Felt liner-12" felt boot liner
  • Sleeveless vest-Poly. knit 140gr-Reflect.stripe
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