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The perfect balance between quality materials and a Scandinavian inspired design.

Scandinavian inspired brand, Läska offers products like gloves, knitted hats, knitted scarves, socks and other elegant accessories. Rest assured, we are constantly keeping up with the new trends on the European market and we share them with you through our always renewed collections.

The versatility of the brand allows you to go from mountain to town without compromising your style. Have peace of mind knowing that your Läska product is synonym of quality and remarkable design. 


  • Noble materials

    Always in search for materials reflecting quality and nobility, Läska uses natural materials like fur, deer-skin leather and wool. 

  • Handmade

    To be original and exclusive, the majority of Läska’s products are handmade which makes each product unique. 

  • Fashionable

    The Läska team always keeps up with new trends. Scandinavian inspired brand, Läska is on the leading edge in terms of design and quality of confection


  • 77-012 Laska

    Tuque-Acry. knit-Boa liner-Fake fur

    Knitted tuque made of acrylic, with a synthetic fur pompom. It is lined with thick plush that brings warmth and comfort.

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  • 77-013 Laska

    Intfinity scarf-Acry. knit

    Knitted infinity scarf made of acrylic, with a circumference of 80" (203 cm) and a width of 14" (36 cm).

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  • Tuque-Acry. knit-Boa liner-Fake fur
  • Intfinity scarf-Acry. knit
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