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A whole collection of garments and accessories for snowmobilers and ATV riders. 

For more than 20 years, Vortex dresses the most demanding snowmobilers and ATV riders. This year, Vortex is strongly coming back in the Canadian trails. Known for its legendary performance, the leading brand of Quebec sportsmen is back with two renowned styles : the Voyager and the famous TrailX4. Specifically unique to Vortex, a complete collection of accessories like gloves, mitts, balaclavas, underwear is now available to you. Nothing has been spared for the successful return of this famous brand.


  • Total warmth

    Insulation technology Primaloft has been designed and developed for our harsh climate. A multi-layer system and a waterproof coating; here is your guarantee for a total warmth  

  • Timeless design

    The Vortex collection is never out of fashion due to its plain and chic design. Vortex goes through seasons with style.

  • Irreproachable quality

    Vortex means quality. With both its most careful manufacturing and inspection, we promise you that your Vortex garment will not let you down during your long-distance winter hikes.


  • 80-17 Vortex


    Light balaclava with an opening for the eyes and ventilation holes at the nose and mouth.

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  • 89-65-W Vortex

    Suit-Tussor 100% Nylon-Primaloft-Sealed

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  • Balaclava
  • Suit-Tussor 100% Nylon-Primaloft-Sealed
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